Web Design

This article deals with one of the main topics of web design: the appearance of a site. Logos, shapes and colors characterize the perception of one’s presence on the web. In addition to the contents (texts, images, videos, etc.) and to their disposition, it is necessary to give the right value to the aesthetics. In fact, the design of a site contributes greatly to the general perception of the page, with its contents and enhancing the name of the company or the brand. This web design guideline will help you find the right style for your page.

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Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the web hosting types. In the reseller hosting model, a web hosting provider provides web hosting services to a company and that company provides this services to another one as a web hosting provider. In fact, a reseller web hosting is a company or a business that purchases web hosting services from a large web hosting company and sell it to other companies under its own brand name and usually in the cheap reseller hosting packages.

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