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Regardless of how you operate in the real world, investing for your company’s full presence in the online world is important and significant. Get the first step by designing a professional company site. Through a good website, you can provide users with the best possible service and products and interact with them all the time.

The goal of the IDEST team in designing a corporate site is to record a beautiful and lasting appearance of your business in the mind of the audience; drawing a business website should be such that if a user without a previous mindset of your real-world activity and for the first time through your website Your brand was introduced, with the ideal image of business and how it is presented.



Nowadays, with the expansion of the presence of customers and clients in cyberspace, the need for the presence and activity of companies on the Internet has also increased more and more. This presence requires, in the first step, a good corporate site with appropriate facilities and quality. Designing a corporate website for brands is like having a home or a base on the Internet through which they can introduce their products and services without intermediaries to their customers and establish a two-way communication with them.

The design of a professional and attractive corporate website is the most important step in branding online for companies. A good website is a showcase company in online space, a showcase that people judge by the level and class of the company. Today, most people first get acquainted online with a brand, and in their minds they have no previous image of the company in the real world. For this reason, they are looking for the company’s website and first visit its site.



If you first realize your dynamism and creativity in the design of your company’s website, the image of the company brand in their minds will be ideal from the start. This success in online branding is possible only with the professional design of the corporate site.

By designing a professional website, you will see a professional




Participation in social networks is generally aimed at introducing and marketing company products and improving engagement with audiences. So you can not count on it as the main agent in the virtual environment. With a corporate website, you can do all the marketing activities, get feedback from customers, online branding and more in a comprehensive and professional environment.

You can expand your facilities on the website, and you can easily find all the details about your company in an optimal and precise manner.

Features required for corporate website design

Design Defaults beyond the default!



A good site, along with its design, is a collection of infrastructure and visual facilities alongside each other. These facilities must be tailored to the needs of a corporate site. The proper infrastructure of a site leads to high loading speeds, the ability to expand, display the correct site in a variety of devices connected to the Internet and so on.

Compliance with the standards in the design and programming of a corporate website will provide an ideal user experience or UX. Arizic knows the competitive world of the virtual world, therefore, it designs a website that matches the principles and technologies of the day to distinguish you from your rivals.



One of the most important principles in a corporate site design is compliance with the SEO rules. The professional SEO site leads to a good place in search engines. This way your company’s site will be displayed to users at a higher level than your competitors.



Reactive design (reactionary)

Today, the site that is displayed correctly on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices is one of the default options for designing a corporate website in Ariz. In other words, no matter how big the display is, the site designed by AriSec is quite responsive and responsive to all dimensions, from smartwatches to the largest LEDs, and adapts itself perfectly and accurately.



Exclusive pages design

Another important point in designing a corporate website is the clear introduction of the company’s services and activities, which is done properly by designing appropriate and structured pages. For example, with the correct explanation of the page about us, you can provide all the company information in a correct format to the users. Pages like products, articles, news, gallery, etc. Your business and your business style will be well-known to users.



Contact page design

The design of the contact page should be such that the user can communicate with you in the shortest time and in the simplest way. In the design of a corporate information company such as contact numbers, answering hours, company addresses, frequently asked questions, CROCKIES … can be in this queue.

Also, IDEST designs the contact form in such a way that the site administrator can see the messages sent via email, SMS, telegram, etc.



Social Networks
Activity on social networks in every business is very influential. Therefore, the

business website

should be designed in such a way as to be in good communication with your social networks. Arizacian Hospital provides social networking services such as soldiers to attract audiences and online branding for your website. One of the most important systems is the ability to share the articles and content of the site in these ports.

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Our Business Website Plans


  • Intel X5670 2.93 GHZ
    12 Cores / 24 Threads
  • 32 GB DDR 3
  • 1 x 240 GB SSD
    2 x 500 GB SATA
  • 1 x 240 GB SSD



  • Intel E5-2670 2.60 GHZ
    16 Cores / 32 Threads
  • 48 GB DDR 3
  • 1 x 480 GB SSD
    2 x 1 TB SATA
  • 20 TB Included



  • Intel E5-2670 2.60 GHZ
    16 Cores / 32 Threads
  • 64 GB DDR 3
  • 1 x 480 GB SSD
    2 x 1 TB SATA
  • 20 TB Included



  • Intel E5-2680 2.70 GHZ
    16 Cores / 32 Threads
  • 96 GB DDR 3
  • 1 x 480 GB SSD
    2 x 1 TB SATA
  • 20 TB Included

$depending on your order

Website Design

Designing beautiful visual effects in line with your business environment, in addition to persuading the audience to engage more with the site, it picks up a neat and eye-catching image of your business that can stay in the minds of users. The appropriate color in the design of a corporate site is one of the main factors. There should be a clear harmony between the logo, the color of the organization and the color of your website. With the principles of psychology of colors, Arizac records the durable design of your website and your company in the minds of the audience. Another point that maybe even the oldest website designers do not pay attention to is the use of a font suitable for a corporate site. AriSec designers also offer the right choice of standard fonts to customers to double the originality and beauty of a corporate site.

IDEST’s proprietary and creative signature in corporate design

We believe that sites designed by Arizec should be distinguished from others and have a winning leaf. In this regard, we have come up with dedicated features that you can see only in Ariz. These facilities can create the right conditions for increasing the conversion rate of business website .

PDF output pages

Possibility to produce PDF PDF output from different pages of the site as a clean and printable file. Since saving web pages individually is usually time consuming and time consuming. It’s possible to easily get PDF output from your website pages and see your site’s products and services in PDF format.


Ability to print pages

The web site has made it possible for your corporate website to be able to print from different pages of your site. You can easily view all of your website pages in a format and size appropriate to the paper page, and easily print from all the site pages, products and services of your corporate site.


Proprietary audio and video player

Exclusively tailored to the site with video and audio playback under HTML 5 and without the need for software, the ability to play audio and video on sites is very important. It is therefore possible for the site administrator to easily display video (video) and audio (podcast) content on its corporate site.


The clock and calendar display system

It is possible to design a corporate website to display time and date with a beautiful design and according to the client’s requirements on the site. The system works in three ways: displaying hours and calendars based on the user’s operating system, displaying by clock and server calendars, and displaying the clock and calendar custom, for example, at the time of the Tehran office.


Weather notification system

Awareness of weather information is very important in some sites. Therefore, it is possible to design a corporate site that allows users of the site to be able to provide the weather information system with information about the specific geographic location weather (for example, the exact location of the company or city you are looking for, or even a few different locations ).


Compare products

Some companies have a variety of products that make it possible to compare them to the user. AriSec provides site visitors with the ability to accurately and accurately compare products.


Jacks search

In search of Jacks, search results are displayed instantly without reloading the page. This type of search is pleasing to the user, because as soon as he starts typing the word he or she sees, he sees the search results and can quickly reach his goal. The Arizona makes Ajax search possible on a corporate site.


Comments management system

The ability to record comments and manage them on corporate sites designed by IDEST is fully implemented. Users can post comments and chat on pages from the site designated by the manager. It is also possible to manage comments, confirm, edit and delete them by the administrator.


Usage of filtering is usually used on corporate sites that have branches, products, and services. Users can easily find the services provided by your company by filtering in different categories or other factors that are considered by the webmaster.


Coding and designing is based on SEO standards for a corporate site. Because it makes the right place in search engines and ranks better than competitors. Ariesk also, with a complete knowledge of the principles and rules of SEO, leads your site to the best rank in search engines.

360 degree videos

The 360-degree video or 360-degree images allow the user to view the image from a variety of high-resolution angles using their mouse. This image can be obtained from a product, company space or …. Possibility to view 360 degrees has a good effect on the user experience and is recommended for corporate sites.


A rating or star rating system provides the user with an opportunity to score a page or article they read. These rates are calculated on average and are read by Google. Pages that have a higher rating are displayed at higher Google results.

Push notifications

IDEST provides a special feature in the design of the corporate site, which we call the “Notification Drop”. This feature allows you to display banners on your personal computer or phone. The notable thing about push notification is that even if the user is not on your site or your browser is closed, it will still see your notification or message. Using this feature, you can always inform users of the latest and most important events of your company.

Android and iOS

Due to the fact that Arizec does its website design based on web-standards, there is also the possibility of converting a corporate website to the Android app and ios. This feature is an important option for many corporate site owners, implemented by Arizec in an optimal and principled way.

About Managers

Introducing a management team or page about managers is one of the most important sections on a corporate site. This page can contain specific information from managers such as resume, post, comments, and more. In Arizona, the partitioned and clear design of this page is also intended to provide users with an optimal display of information.

Dealers management

Large companies usually have different agencies in several cities or countries. With the possibility of managing agencies, the site administrator can add, delete, and edit the branches. Users can also find their dealership quickly and easily using the efficient filtering feature.

Three-dimensional view

Three-dimensional display of the company’s space is one of the most attractive parts on the corporate site. For example, users can view the environment of a factory, product line, store floor, etc. through their browser in 3D, and spend considerable time on your corporate site.

Easy communication between managers

On corporate sites, it is necessary to provide an appropriate setting for easy and quick communication between managers. The Auris-designed corporate site offers this capability in a neat and efficient way.

Representative Acceptance

Designing a specific form for a representative application can be one of the most sought after parts of the corporate site. In this way, people who are applying for a representation of your company will complete the form and send it to you. You will also be informed of the outcome in a variety of ways, such as email, SMS, telegram, and so on.

Integrated formulation

With the integrated formulation provided by Arizec in the design of the corporate website, you can create and submit various forms on your site as needed. In this case, there is a good relationship with the users, and if you receive a new message, the relevant information will be sent to you via email, SMS, telegram message, etc.

Introducing Customers

Having good customers is one factor in gaining credit for a company. Therefore, it requires a corporate site with a special section to introduce its special customers in order to highlight their selection and illustrate their brilliant history.

other facilities :

Business website features

CMS and site content

Professional text editor in Persian language with very similar word capabilities

Ability to create and publish unlimited content

Categorization with the ability to create branches and sub categories

Hitter Between Content

The ability to add multimedia files including image, video and audio files

Adding an index image to display in the list of articles and news

Ability to encrypt each content separately and restrict its display

Scheduling feature for publication on specific dates on the site

Displays the release date, the number of hits per post, the author information and categories for each item

Comments management system

Possibility to receive user comments on the content and pages of the site

Manage comments and responses from the site admin panel

View comments on the site after approval of management

Ability to accept reflections and linking referrer sites to any content

Ability to deactivate posting comments on specific pages of the site

Ability to deactivate posting comments for non-members

Ability to mark comments as spam and prevent spamming

Send an email to the site administrator if you post a new comment

Media Management System

View all the images, videos and audio files in the hosting and editing of each one

Ability to resize images through the admin panel for better display in various spaces

Possibility to create gallery of images and display it anywhere on the site

Observe all principles and standards for optimizing images and SEO

Catalog Management System

Ability to create an unlimited number of indexes for displaying in different sections of the site

Ability to add various pages and links to the list and change it quickly and Ajax

Possibility to add submenus

Manage contact information

Creating contact page for displaying contact information including phone, fax, address and …

Ability to insert a Google map and specify the point you desire

Possibility to place a contact form for direct communication of users with site management and receive via personal email

User Management System

Simple membership on site for users

Ability to create an unlimited account for colleagues in 5 different access levels

Supervisor of the site administrator for the content of contributing colleagues and hide the site until approved

View the list of users and contact information from each site admin panel

Sign up, login and password changes

Business website

1 Product Features
2 Sells Options
3 Customer Option
5 Other
6 Your Information
  • with this features your customer can compare products together.
  • with professional filters Your customers can easily access the product they want
  • With this option on your website, your customers can buy products together
  • With this option on your website, your customers can buy products together
  • With this option, customers can view products that have been seen recently.
  • You can choose products as an amazing offer and display on your site
  • With this feature, all products added to your site will be posted to your store's Instagram account
  • Your customers can add products to their favorites list
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