Buy dedicated Server

Companies and large organizations, Internet stores, and all the institutions that somehow deal with the production and delivery of content to their audiences can benefit from this service. so they want to buy dedicated server .

The dedicated server service enables the customers to use the bandwidth request of the clients and all the available space on the dedicated server’s hard disk.



Often for very large companies, it is necessary to buy dedicated servers. If you want to set up your own data center, first check the cost-benefit ratio for your individual project. If it is important for you to be able to change the provider flexibly, it makes sense to buy dedicated server as well. Some service providers are also contractually obliged to store customer data not on the cloud, but on their own physical devices. These companies therefore have to buy their own dedicated servers as a result of the contract.


share hosting or dedicated server

Most web site owners will just need an account in shared hosting. However, if you are planning an extensive project, you often need your own dedicated server, which you do not have to share with other people. Since the tariffs in shared hosting are also very powerful today, the web project must already have a considerable size so that it needs its own web server. Dedicated servers are also available in a managed server version at DM Solutions, where we take care of the creation and maintenance.


In hosting, Dedicated Server means that the server is deployed to only one customer. In normal shared hosting, many customers share a physical server. This also creates the low hosting prices, as you know them. A dedicated server is more expensive, but no resources need to be shared. Important resources include the RAM memory and the processor performance, but of course the large web space. This allows the server to easily handle many requests at a time and quickly handle even complex queries.



Buy dedicated server – When is it worthwhile?

With your own dedicated server, you create a physical device. This means you have to store and maintain it yourself, ensure server security and pay the incidental power and cooling costs. In some cases, this effort is not worthwhile. But there are scenarios in which it makes sense to buy dedicated server .

For example, if you want to buy an individual company server, investing in a physical device can be worthwhile. Above all, if the desired computing power is well calculable and will probably not change for a long time, it makes sense to buy a server for your company. This case is also common in companies that only need an Exchange server to distribute e-mail, for example.
Buying your own dedicated server is mostly worthwhile for very large companies who want to build an in-house data center. Also with dedicated server you can make settings independently and use the entire server performance (CPU, RAM and hard disk).



What to keep in mind when you decide to buy dedicated server?

If you decide to buy dedicated server, calculate the extra effort and additional costs. Compare the expected costs with the offers from server owners. Although you can buy quite cheap dedicated servers, but that does not make your project up and running. You need server cabinets to keep your devices safe. You need to power and cool your servers, which increases your energy bill. The technical and time required for maintenance and security of the equipment also must not be underestimated. Thus if you want to buy dedicated server, it is important to consider maintenance, security and electricity costs.