Buy web hosting

What is buy web hosting?
Maybe you have heard that for making your website available in the internet 24/7 you have to buy web hosting. But first we have to know that what exactly is the web hosting?

Web hosting is a kind of internet hosting services that enables people and organizations to take part in the internet through their websites.
As you know, each website on the internet is stored in a server. For example, if you want to visit Amazon.com, you have to type the website address in your internet browser. After that, your computer connects to the server on which this website is stored.

If you want to buy web hosting services you have to define some issues. For example the kind of services that your website provides, the amount of your budget and so on.
There are different types of web hosting services, such as Shared web hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Web Server, Colocation Web Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.


Shared web hosting:

Shared web hosting is distributing a server to more than one web site. This type of web hosting reduces the costs. If you want to buy web hosting without having to pay much money, shared web hosting is a suitable option.


Reseller Web Hosting:

In this type of web hosting, the web hosting provider enables companies, organizations or individuals to sell their hosting services to their customers without the need to acquire a Web hosting infrastructure. In fact you can sell reseller hosting and make money.


Virtual Private Server (VPS):

This kind of web hosting uses one physical server and serves more than one website. so, a Virtual Private Server is a virtual server but users perceive it as a private server. In this kind of web hosting, the level of access for the subscriber is more than shared web hosting.


Dedicated Web Server:

A dedicated web server or managed hosting service is a web hosting service in which a business rents a whole physical server from the web hosting provider. This kind of hosting services are suitable for a high traffic website.


Colocation Web Hosting:

In this type of web hosting, the web hosting provider provides the space, heating, cooling, physical security, reliable power and bandwidth for customer owned servers. In fact, organizations can rent a space in a collocation center instead of keeping servers in their own data centers.


Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is gaining popularity over past few years. Cloud hosting is using multiple servers which are connected together and make cluster of servers for hosting a website. The customer uses a virtual machine for accessing to all the servers over the cloud. In this way, the website is not dependent only on one server and other servers can do additional tasks if one of the servers fail.

So if you want to buy web hosting services, you have to know that which of this hosting services are better for your needs.