Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the web hosting types. In the reseller hosting model, a web hosting provider provides web hosting services to a company and that company provides this services to another one as a web hosting provider. In fact, a reseller web hosting is a company or a business that purchases web hosting services from a large web hosting company and sell it to other companies under its own brand name and usually in the cheap reseller hosting packages.

But how we can start a reseller hosting business? First you have to search about hosting companies to find reseller web hosting providers. There are many cheap reseller hosting providers in the market if you are a beginner in this field. The next step is determining the number of customers you can add to your business immediately. By doing this choosing the right package that best tailors to your needs becomes easier. After determining the number of your future clients, you have to determine the size and the characteristics of the packages that you will provide to your clients. The next step is determining the price of your packages. Of course, if you can’t pay much money try to find the cheap reseller hosting providers. After that, sign up for the proper package and now you can start marketing.


The main customers of reseller web hosting are the people who want to serve hosting services to their customers without the need of having physical servers and paying the maintenance costs of data centers.
Thanks to the reseller web hosting model, you don’t need to be a professional web hosting provider and the main web hosting company will do the rest of the job for you. Consider that entering this business has no much barriers and by being a reseller web hosting provider you can have a consistent income stream.
But this model has its own limitations. For example the services you can provide to your clients are limited and if your reseller hosting provider faces technical problems, it’ll have negative impacts for both you and your customers. Besides, high quality technical support for client may be difficult for resellers.
We can define reseller web hosting by imagining the relation between a wholesaler and a retailer. It means that you can buy a space on a wholesaler’s (the major hosting company) server and sell it to your own customers who are trying to use cheap reseller hosting packages.


As we mentioned, reseller hosting doesn’t need an advanced knowledge about web hosting technical issues and the data center engineers and employees are responsible for maintenance, security and technical issues.



There are some issues that you have to consider in the reseller web hosting. The first line for a customer to encounter is your business and they don’t contact the major web hosting providers and because of that you have to report customer’s difficulties to the major web hosting provider as soon as possible. There isn’t any formula for identifying the best reselling plan for all of the businesses and you have to find the most suitable plan for your business among various available plans. But in order to make you familiar with some of the top industry brands of reseller web hosting providers, we have listed some of them bellow.


InMotion hosting

It’s one of the most famous web hosting providers with a lot of services and products. Some of the key advantages of this web host is great support, plenty of features and a 90-day money back guarantee.


Another good option among the web hosting services is Tshost. Some of its advantages are daily backups and powerful options for branding.


Site Ground
The major advantages of this web host are its flexibility, good value for money you pay and daily backups.


The considerable advantages of Krystal is decent specifications and 60-day money back guarantee.


This reseller web hosting  main advantages are providing assistance with sales and marketing, making everything easier for users and being one of the top names in cheap reseller hosting providers list.


A2 hosting
Most of the web hosting providers use Linux servers, but many people want to use windows servers instead. This reseller hosting uses Microsoft’s server operating system beside Linux operating system. The main benefits of A2 reseller hosting are 45-day money back guarantee, boundless domains and low initiatory prices.


Accuweb hosting
Another reliable option among various reseller web hosting providers is Accuweb hosting. The most prominent advantages of this hosting provider are having a favorable customer service, magnificent web hosting plans and server options.


A small orange web hosting
Some of the main favorable characteristics of “A small orange” web hosting are being a cheap reseller hosting, having a lot of different web hosting plans and being easy to use.


Some of the other top cheap reseller hosting providers we want to introduce to you are: DomainRacer, BigRock, Arvixe, and InterServer. There are other cheap reseller hosting provider brands on the internet that you can find easily.
Now we can review some of the important factors that you have to consider:
Technical specifications

You have to find a reseller hosting provider which can answer your needs in a proper way. Some of the important technical issues are having enough processing power, RAM and disk space.



Reseller Hosting Bandwidth

Consider how much bandwidth you need and choose the right package. Many of the web hosting companies offer not limited bandwidth to their customers for resolving traffic related issues.
The technical supports that they offer
Try to find the answers of this questions: What is their contact ways if you face a problem or have a question? What kind of supports they offer? Do they respond 24/7? Is their response effective enough? And so on.
Check if their packages are scalable
Be careful about the scalability of their packages, because what feels enough today may be inadequate in the future. You have to consider the growth of your reseller hosting business and choose an expandable reseller hosting plan.


Control panel
Having a management panel with a plenty of facilities helps you control and adjust everything in a more precise and easier way.
One of the key factors that you have to pay attention while choosing a reseller hosting plan is the reliability of the web hosting company. Try to research about the reseller hosting provider’s quality of services and datacenters.

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